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A Little Bit About Us. 

As we begin our 15th season, we remain committed to the foundations our business was built upon.  A passion for gorgeous quality costumes and a desire to be known industry-wide as a reliable, supportive supplier.  In 2021 we continue our practice of organising our catalogue by price point to ensure you stay within your budget and always 'Sparkle Smart'.   With the launch of our new website, you now have the ability to also search by genre, giving you greater freedom in how you choose the perfect costume.  

At StageGear we want you to Stand Out & Sparkle!  We believe, it's the little things that add up to our 'Stand Out' costumes.  The ready to wear hair accessory, the extra length in the straps should you need it and the amazing quality of fabrics and trims.  We hope you feel our costumes also 'Stand Out' because the cut is beautiful, the fit is flattering and the range of sizes ensures everyone feels good wearing a StageGear costume. 

When the company was launched in 2007 we made a conscious decision to be exclusive to Dance Studio Owners, this allowed us to concentrate on a smaller number of clients and ultimately give the best service we could.  What we are really good at is attentive customer service, great quality products and delivering on time, every time.  You can place your order and know we take your business seriously.  We're in the business of supporting Dance Studio Owners and freeing up your time, so you can concentrate on the best parts of being a Studio Owner.  That's our focus and our niche.

A Little Bit About Me.

For many years I was a 'Miss Rebecca', like most of you my dance experience began as a child and was always in my life.  A lifelong love affair with dance led me to run a successful dance studio until I passed the baton on and in 2007 started StageGear.   I know first hand the struggles, the elations and the journey that is 'studio ownership'.   

My decisions at StageGear have always been driven by what I believe a Studio Owner needs from a supportive supplier.  I'm often asked do I miss owning a studio, and I do miss the teaching, it's part of our DNA I think.   But I get to play with sparkles, tutus and stage lights every day!  And that's pretty awesome!  I'm supported by a fantastic team at our office and together we focus on being the best in the industry.   

We hope you'll come and visit us at our Showroom in Mona Vale, NSW.  We absolutely LOVE meeting studio owners and sharing in your stories and your joys.   We especially love seeing all the photos!   Here's to life showering you with sparkles on your path of studio ownership.  R x

The 'Eight Things'

I wrote the following '8 Things' in StageGear's first year of business and it is still relevant today.  These eight reasons were the motivation in starting a company that focused on making quality costume purchases, easier, quicker and less stressful for Studio Owners.  

The 8 Things Previously Owning A Dance Studio Taught Me (and the reason I started StageGear):

1.  That second only to teaching, my greatest expenditure of work hours actually involved costumes. 

2. For many studios, recycling costumes isn't an option.  Class sizes vary, body shapes change and costume storage is an ongoing hassle. 

3.  Five year olds are fickle.  They'll choose next year's classes based on the costumes they loved in last year's show. 

4.  Teenagers often value a great costume more than they value great technique. 

5. Sewing is a dying art form.

6.  Whilst struggling to sew sequins and straps, parents will ultimately spend more money on takeout food for the family, than if they had just purchased the completed costume to begin with. 

7.  Once a week students are the backbone of dance studios.  They deserve the buzz and adrenaline of performing in great costumes too. 

8.  Dance teachers deserve to have a balanced life.  Spending four months of each year with a lounge room that looks like a factory floor is not balanced. 

Company Contact Information

We’d love to hear from you and help with any of your costume queries. We can be contacted via telephone, fax or email. StageGear sells exclusively to dance Studio Owners and dance education departments.

Telephone: 02 9984 0433

ABN: 63 123 912 649

Email: Send a contact message or email, info@stagegear.com.au.

The StageGear showroom is located in Mona Vale, NSW. Studio Owners please call the office on 02 9984 0433 to book a viewing time to see the sparkle and the quality up close.   

Postal Address


Post Office Box 898

Narrabeen , NSW, 2101


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